She Exist Magazine Present Star-Studded Cover Release Gala at Jackson's Bistro-Tampa, Florida. August 20, 2022

She Exist Magazine cover reveals a star-studded event is slated for July 30 at Jackson’s Bistro, 601 S. Harbour Island Blvd in Tampa, Florida. 

The invitation-only Met Gala attire event will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. bringing dynamic entrepreneurs to Tampa Bay.  The event will kick-off with guests walking the red carpet to start the festivities Met – Gala fashion.

The event will be covered by She Exist Magazine which is set to publish for fall 2022  featuring  some dynamic businesswoman Sabrina Protic is next to grace our elegant cover in the debut issue.  The invitation-only She Exist event will have on hand celebrity  photographers as follows: Ken Smiley, She Exist press, 809 media, New York Innovations media group, and T L C studies to capture all of our gala moments.

“The event will honor global influencers who continue to pave the way for our community and organizations in businesses together with a mission of working towards rebuilding through leadership and engagement in the community,” says Janelle Harris, CEO of She Exist Magazine.” “We are thrilled to spotlight our first and upcoming:   The  spotlight goes out to  Sabrina Protic, Linda Bruns, Lee Tran, Jessica Peterson, Tracy Cornshorn, Michelle Mras , Pearl Knapp Chiarenza , Mona Lou, Ken Rochan. Djhulia Legist , Kim Campbell. She Exist Met Gala will have a live Dj by Gabrielle Events, Live Red Carpet interviews by Tennile Morris. AKA She Exit fashion journalist as she slays the red carpet in style. Hosted by the one and only Kim Keller

Joining us as our special guest who will grace the red carpet Met -Gala with us: CEO Brett Master, NY Celebrity hairstylist Amelly Gaviria, Dr.Mitchell Petit, and Miss New Tampa USA Tyra Rush

For more information about She Exist and this Cover Release event, contact  Publisher Janelle Harris at [email protected] or via telephone at 813.368.3363.

Please visit to purchase your ticket.


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